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We operate in the field of the agency employment under the permit issued by the Ministry of Labour in the Slovak Republic as a legal person and in the Czech Republic as an personal entity.

We operate on the market since 1999 and so far we helped with employment to workers of different professions such as:

  • handling staff in electrotechnical industry
  • workers operating production lines in car industry
  • engineering staff
  • construction crew / masons, carpenters, tilers /
  • locksmiths
  • welders
  • store employees

The most frequent we grant the workers with secondary education to the companies by personnel leasing who are graduates in professions that are needed for the particular job.

Any cooperation arises only after the mutual agreement of both parties between the agency and customer under contract.

Workers are our permanent employees and are temporarily assigned to the companies that need to add job vacancies in a short time.

Benefits of personnel leasing

  • workforce flexibility
  • we save your time when searching for suitable candidates
  • we take care for the personnel and payroll agenda and payments to the insurance companies instead of you
  • we match to your requirements
  • in the place of business we provide accommodation and transport to our workers
  • we have an extensive database of workers of different professions which is continuously updated according to the needs of the market
  • billed hourly rate of our employees ultimately usually does not exceed the costs of your permanent employees

Only through joint efforts, the problems can be resolved. You can help us and we help people to find a work.

Our services

Search and selection of candidates you are looking for candidates who meet your needs, culture and objective.

Rigorous selection process

Qualified consulting

Reliability and responsible approach - 80% of our clients come on the basis of credentials


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